L Plus H Community Interest Company Limited
L Plus H Community Interest Co. Ltd. (CIC) was set up in November 2008. Like other social enterprises, it operates both charitable and profit-making businesses. Modelled from the CIC UK, asset lock and dividend cap declared in the articles of the company preserve assets in the group for community and charitable purposes. In February 2010, CIC founded We R family Foundation Ltd. (WRF) with Li Ka Shing Charity Foundation Ltd., Chan Kwan Biu Memorial Foundation Ltd and Wiseknit and UBS Optimus Foundation. WRF is a charitable Institution with a vision to reshape the learning attitudes of the primary school children living on the poverty line yet not receiving government aid. The 333 Learning Companion Leadership Program now operates four learning centers in Hong Kong. By 2018, it had influenced the lives of over 5000 children and their families. A survey showed improvements in student's attitudes, confidence levels and self-esteem, making learning a happy experience.

With the mission to create social value for Hong Kong community, L Plus H create a unique Platform for Resources Sharing and Jobs Creation for high-quality talents while spreading the message of "With the Community and For the community" in Hong Kong.
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