About Us
The Origins of We R Family Foundation Limited
The widening disparity of the rich and the poor and the increasing problem of intergenerational poverty have posed challenges to the stability of Hong Kong. Many of the families in Hong Kong are facing structural changes that may lead a negative impact of deprivation on the development of the children, not only their quality of life are affected but also their emotional stability, learning ability as well as character formation process are compromised.

Founded in 2010, We R Family Foundation Limited (“Foundation”) is a non-profit organization funded by a group of businessmen and professionals striving to take upchallenges. Members of the Foundation believe in reciprocity. We, as the beneficiaries of society, should give back to it, as the same way we had received assistance from others when we grew up. As an old Chinese saying goes, “We should treat members of the community as ourown family”, which represents our firm belief, hence we name our foundation as We R Family. Our initial charitable project “333 Learning Companion Leadership Program” aims at nurturing the youngsters to develop their full potentials.
Major supporters of the Foundation include Li Ka Shing Foundation Limited, CK Group, Chan Kwan Biu Memorial Foundation Limited, L Plus H Community Interest Company and CN Innovations Holdings Limited.

Our Vision
  • To coordinate, promote, oversee, and finance the education of underprivileged children and teenagers in Hong Kong.
  • To relieve poverty of the families of underprivileged children and teenagers in Hong Kong.
  • To advocate to the government of respective regions for the improvement of education.

We R Family Foundation
A charitable organization incorporated in Hong Kong where tax exemption is granted under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Department (Registered no. 91/10814).


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