• The 333 Learning Companion Leadership Program provides selected students professional assistance and development programs free-of-charge to bolster their academic performance, self-esteem and motivation to learn.
    There is a behind meaning in the program name "333", each "3" represents a vision and a believe:

    • The first "3" is common goal, common step, common standard;
    • The second "3" is the three good - good conduct, good physical and good mental health, good learning;
    • The third "3" is what Confucius said, "If three of us walk together, one can be my teacher, old and young alike."
  • With the aim of promoting spiritual and ethical education in children, the Hong Kong Chinese Children’s Story Writing Competition created an opportunity for interested writers from all walks of life to submit a story that depicted and illumined the development and growth of children. With a deadline in the August of 2010, the competition had multiple cash prizes for its winning participants, with the highest prize of 10,000HKD for the first prize winner. The adjudicating committee comprised of professors from HKU Space.
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