Wiseknit Group
Wiseknit Factory Ltd. was set up in 1980. Its major business is engaged in manufacturing of woolen sweaters and now they have several factories in China and one factory in Cambodia.

Mr. Victor Chu, CEO of the company, is a passionate supporter of education in China. Early in 2003, he has been heavily involved with China Heart Educational Foundation which provides counsel facility expansion, scholarships and job opportunities for under-privileged students, and free training program for the teachers. All these proved to be very inspiring and successful.

With this concept in mind, he joined the WR Family in the hope of giving more efforts to help the local impoverished children in Hong Kong. He hopes through different activities and the guidance of the teachers, the young children can feel the love and care from the teachers and the “Never give up” spirit from the community. They can learn self discipline, leadership and moderate mindset and character building. In We R Family and 333 Learning program, it is our aim to create a better future for our next generation.
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