Chan Kwan Biu Memorial Foundation Limited
Chan Kwan Biu Memorial Foundation Limited was founded on 9 October 1990 and earned its recognition by the Hong Kong Government being a charitable institution.

Foundation has been actively participating in various charity acts in Hong Kong, China and overseas as well as providing medical and education subsidies. In Hong Kong, it gave donation to build palliative care & hospice ward and day creche, as well as supported to anti-crime educational activity. In China, it helped to build school and supported the Sino-US exchange student program. It would also make donations to help the recovery of disasters locally & abroad. We will continue to serve the community by helping the needy.

We are very happy to participate in the We R Family Foundation and to work together for achieving our same goal - to provide educational support to the children in need.

Now through the 333 Learning Companion Leadership Program, children can enhance their learning motivation and self-confidence, and then further develop their positive value and morality. In return, a healthy society can be nourished.
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