"We believe we should treat members of the community as one’s own family!"
The Team

The staff of this program come from a mix of professionals, secondary school students, social workers, and assistant social workers, each bringing their expertise and perspective which adds to the sense of community within the program.

  • The instructors of the program are seasoned – in some cases, retired – educational professionals who dedicate their lives to improving education for children. They lovingly hold on their vision a better future for the education of the underprivileged children of our city.
  • The assistant instructorsare secondary school students who apply their recently accumulated knowledge in primary school to help their younger mentees learn and grow both academically and emotionally. As teachers, they are not only contributing to the education of the students, but also have the opportunity to be leaders in a classroom setting.
  • The social workers of the program are caring, experienced professionals from Caritas who have experience with speaking and connecting with children. They have worked at a children’s phone hotline at Caritas which provides an open channel for students to seek advice or emotional counsel from neutral, loving, and supportive staff.
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